Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Plan Worked

In certain swims that I have fished of late there have been a lot of twitchy bites, little plucks on the rod tip that have not developed into fish. I suspected them to be Roach picking up the two eight mm pellets but not getting close to the size eight hook on the hair rig. I decided to investigate and tonight just fished one pellet and a size twelve hook to see if I could land one.
The heavens opened early on but once the shower had dissipated the bites started. Frustratingly I lost a good fish to and unseen snag. I suspected it to be a Tench but will never know, the risk of using light tackle. First fish was a small chublet but then just as the light faded my plan cam to fruition and I netted a decent Roach of 1lb 4oz

Maybe there is something in this method as there were a few more plucks on the tip before I ran out of light and retired to the pub.