Thursday, 10 March 2011

Not so clever Pike, Warks Avon

There has been some debate in the fishing comic lately about Pike being the stupidest fish and today did them no favours.
I decided to venture on to new territory today and headed for a deep slow section of the Avon below Pershore, hoping to bump in to a Zander or two in the overcast conditions but it was slow.
I did however avert a blank by landing a Jack Pike, twice, from two different swims, over 100 yards apart, on the same bait!
The Pike was instantly recognisable from the large gash down it's flank. 

Twice it took half a Roach dead bait on a single hook rig. This was the first time I had tried single hooks, always using trebles in the past but on this result, two bites led to two in the net so I will definitely use them again.
Probably my last session on the river this season but I spent the afternoon sussing out a Barbel stretch that I am keen to get on in the summer.


  1. Hi Joe. Where did you go? I had a good day at Pensham a few weeks ago and went again yesterday having persuaded a friend to "invest" in liquid gold (petrol) to come along. Needless to say we and most of the other anglers we spoke to blanked! Still it was a lovely day.

  2. Was also down at Pensham, but the day before you, only angler on the whole stretch, It was quiet but the new pegging made it easy to move about and fish comfortably. Will be back next season to go for the big Barbel

  3. Could you please update my link mate? It's now I have already included you on my new blog. Thanks