My Fluff Chucking-improving slowly

I once owned a fly rod when I was a teenager but I never caught a thing with it. I did hook a Grayling, a complete fluke but it came off. In a fit of madness/skintness I sold all my fishing tackle at a car boot sale in 1992, including the fly gear. 
Eighteen years later I decided to treat myself to some new gear. I called in to the tackle shop in the pretty little Cotswold town of Burford and had the best level of service I have ever had from any shopkeeper anywhere ever and came away fully kitted out to give it another go. 
12th June 2010
My first attempt was at the Lenches lake on the outskirts of Evesham. I had been practising casting in a field and although that was a help it did not stop me from thrashing the water to a foam and hooking several bits of foliage.  I did however manage to outdo my highly experienced fly fishing Uncle and landed a brace of Rainbows on a green damsel. 

The Lenches lakes near Evesham
2nd May 2011
On a trip 'oop Norf' my Uncle took me to Belflask fishery, a stunning gravel pit in the Yorkshire Dales and again I landed a brace of fish including a 2lb 12oz Blue. I did not completely out do him again as he landed a stunning 5lb Brownie which of course we returned.

Belflask, North Yorkshire May 2011

Another Lenches brace

A brace from Kingfisher pond
By the 17th March 2012 I felt I was ready to fish with the big boys, for the monster fish. Lechlade is a big fish small water and having blanked there on my only previous visit I was overjoyed to land two big Rainbows weighing 6lb 9oz and 8lb 5oz.
I had told Cockney Steve the day before that I was going fly fishing and he chirped "bring us one back mate". Imagine his surprise when I landed at his house with an 8lb fish. Shocked is an understatement!

6lb 9oz

8lb 5oz former pb     Lechlade, Oxfordshire
Another trip to Lechlade and another Brace of big Rainbows.
5lb 8oz and 7lb 0oz
Having read this book......
my fly fishing now has an added dimension Coarse.....

My first Carp on the fly
10lb 3oz pb on fly

Late 2012 and back chasing monster Trout.

10lb 4oz

10lb 9oz

9lb 7oz

2013 sees the start of my own fly tying and within a month my 'homemade' box is getting pretty full, the next step is to catch on one............

3lb 2oz taken on a homemade lure from Bushyleaze. 

6lb 14oz-Avington

My first ever Salmon, doesn't really count as it was a stocked stillwater fish.

Next ambition(s) is a wild river caught fish on a 'homemade'.................and a large Brownie................and a Pike on the fly............etc

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