Monday, 10 August 2015

Mission: Mullet

My fishy bucket list is long and increases by the year as more species come onto my radar but whilst some are possibly unachievable and some reside in distant dangerous places the Mullet is definitely one that I shall be ticking off real soon. I have seen them in many harbours and marinas on my travels but more often than not they have been in no fishing zones.  The ones in Plymouth harbour have really wetted my appetite sauntering slowly around the boats without a care in the world safe from the anglers hook, frustrating to say the least!
So when a couple of experienced mulleteers invited me along for a trip I jumped at the chance. To be honest I didn't think they lived as close to me in central England as they do.
Our mission began on the lower Severn in Gloucestershire. The landscape was peaceful and stunning, wish I could say the same about the fishing, well it was peaceful but not stunning. In an hour and a half we saw two fish, it was needle in a haystack stuff and obviously we blanked.

Plan B was put into action and we upped sticks and headed down to a pretty little marina just south of Bristol. Now this area had much more potential with bait fish everywhere and Mullet topping all over the place. The mashed bread was deposited and with flake on the hook we set about the task of nailing one. Bites were plentiful but mostly the small stuff playing with the bait until finally Phil hooked and landed one of about 2lb. Meat and drink to him as he put it back without taking it's picture but to me the only thing it did was wet my appetite yet further.

To see the vicious battle that this 'little' one put up has made me really want to catch one of my own. Sadly bad light stopped play and it will have to wait until next time and that will have to be real soon!


  1. Joe I'm in Bideford and the moment on a family holiday. The place we are staying is yards from the river Torridge, I should have bought my rod as, at high tide there are loads of mullet feet from the bank, some good'uns too, look 3 or 4lb. Nice to watch though. Nightmare traffic last Saturday to get down here though.

  2. Brilliant Mick, hope you catch some, let me know if you do as I have a need that must be fulfilled !


  3. Good luck Joe, they are doing my head in, I've made about seven or eight trips after them and only caught two so far!!!!