Sunday, 27 January 2019

Taff Grayling and Trout

I'm not sure the advertising gurus at Starbucks had thought this one through!? It did amuse us though when we called in for a coffee on our way to South Wales. Grayling being the target on the river Taff.

Although I had never fished the Taff before it felt very familiar. A Deja Vu moment as it reminded me so much of my childhood river, the river Ure in North Yorkshire. Short riffles followed by deep runs, home to Chub, Trout, Barbel, Dace and Grayling. I felt at home.

Being close to the sea the Taff seems to be under constant attack from Cormorants, several of the fish showing signs of narrow escapes and we spotted loads of these vermin birds as we trudged up and down the river searching for fish.

Trotting maggots is the only way to fish for me in this sort of river and this was the downfall of several Grayling. All a good stamp of fish, the lack of small ones probably a sign of the excessive predation.

As is often the case the occasional Trout is bound to come along, they can be a nuisance but I don't mind a long drawn out battle with a biggie. The one below gave me such a run around, leaping like a salmon on several occasions and nearly stripping all my line off the reel on one run. Careful cajoling helped the 2lb hooklink stay intact and the best fish of the day was beaten, 3lb 15oz, to cap an enjoyable day.

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  1. Hi Joe, glad you enjoyed your visit to the Taff, the river is only five minutes from me. They certainly average 12oz-1lb in there and those corms are a common sight unfortunately. the Grayling are enjoyable sport on float tackle tho.