Foreign Fishing

It is more important to be a lucky angler than a good angler. I don't believe that saying thinking that there is no substitute for skill. My first sea fishing trip ever maybe proves the expression though. I had only just got back into fishing and a holiday in Florida gave my brother and I an excuse to get on a charter boat for a day. The day had been going well, us both playing a few big Spanish Mackerel to the boat when the skipper spotted a Marlin. It took a bait instantly and the rod was passed to me. A superb fight ensued on a stand up lightweight rod and after twenty minutes or so and several acrobatic leaps the fish was played to the boat and released. I can still see it to this day and these stills are taken off the video. 

45lb Blue Marlin

In 2010 I went on my first specific fishing holiday to Mequinenza in search of Ebro Catfish. I landed five in a week to 126lb.


126lb last day 2011

In 2012 I returned to Spain in order to better my Catfish pb. I did just that landing 7 fish to 152lb.


152lb Spanish Segre specimen last day 2012
Click here for the account of trip two

June 2012
A Disney holiday in Florida gives me an opportunity to target some new species namely the hard fighting Tarpon.......

125lb Tarpon
Aggressive Barracuda

And Tasty Snapper


A trip to Canada offers an opportunity to target the hard fighting White Sturgeon on the famous Fraser river


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