Specimen Gallery(non pb's)

This page I have set aside for all my captures that either have been personal bests that I have now surpassed or specimen fish that mean something to me.

75lb Blue Shark

5lb 8oz

11lb 9oz

20lb 9oz

9lb 7oz

9lb 5oz

2lb 9oz

11lb 2oz

12lb 6oz



3lb 7oz Test Brownie-click here

4lb 6oz Wye Chub-click here

50lb Blue-click here

5lb 4oz-click here

6lb 14oz-click here

8lb 13oz-click here

5lb 12oz-click here

11lb 9oz

8lb 12oz-Write up here

9lb 12oz Write up here

7lb and 5lb 8oz-Click here for write up

9lb 8oz-Click here for write up

10lb 9oz Bream-Click here to read pb shaking Bream
Bag of Rudd-Click for write up
119lb Write up here

68lb Catfish-Write up here

1lb 10oz

50lb-Click here for write up

9lb-click here

17lb 7oz-write up

5lb 3oz-Write up here

10lb 14oz-Write up here

4lb 14oz-Write up here

1lb 15oz

12lb 4oz
9lb 3oz
11lb 0oz

11lb 8oz
10lb 6oz-write up

21lb 4oz My first Twenty

20lb 12oz
9lb 2oz
2lb 3oz
Roach from Apperley


First ever Zander

14lb 5oz

5lb 1oz
7lb 12oz
15lb 11oz

8lb 4oz
7lb 12oz
10lb 3oz
13lb 8oz
15lb 8oz

1lb 12oz

2lb 0oz
1lb 4oz
120lb-write up
70lb-write up

22lb 4oz
8lb 8oz
8lb 3oz
10lb 10oz
4lb 14oz, 5lb 2oz
16lb 9oz

2lb 3oz
10lb 12oz

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