Chub, lots of fives, my quest for a six

My Chub pb was one which stood the test of time. It is well over twenty two years since that summers afternoon when I probably should have been in school but instead I was trotting a lobworm down a wonderful glide through the crystal waters of the River Ure. If you look below the awful jumper you can see I was still in my school trousers, the shirt, tie and blazer had been ditched though. 

24/05/90     5lb 8oz

25th August 1991     21lb 4oz taken on luncheon meat

The Warwickshire Avon has a good head of Chub in it and whilst there has been rumours of six pounders I have never seen one on the bank, yet. I have now caught a several fives but mostly in Winter when they are at their prime weight. I really enjoy the coldest of days with the river to myself because nobody else is daft enough to be fishing. They are about the only species that are obliging at that time and multiple catches can be had. The sessions are made all the more special when taking them on homemade cheese paste as it is satisfying catching fish on a bait that you made yourself.                cheese paste recipe

5lb 1oz 8th February 2008 cheese

12th January 2010   4lb 12oz and 5lb 1oz-Cheese

3rd January 2011-Cheese

5lb 3oz 11th February 2011-caster

4lb 14oz rolling meat 29th July 2011

I would love to beat my pb(5lb 8oz) especially from the Avon, that would be a big fish for that river......

Done it!- a 5lb12oz battered old fish, next a 'six'..............

Not quite a 'six' but a new pb... 5lb 15oz it was close

and the fives keep on coming with this 5lb 4oz beauty.

13th March 2014

and more fives with a brace in the same session weighing 5lb 9oz and 5lb 6oz, the Avon keeps on improving as a Chub venue!!

5lb 8oz
I am determined that my first six will come from the Avon, I know it may be easier from other rivers but it will not be as satisfying!!

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  1. I'd be interested John on your camera set up, the quality is so high?