Monday, 21 May 2012

PB shaking Bream

Is it spring?

Not exactly a 'Tench fisher's dawn'. The forecast later this week is for warmer weather, about time too. There are a few Tench being caught but it has been a lot slower than previous years. They will probably start feeding strong now, while I am away on holiday! Never mind I am sure the Florida sunshine will more than make up for it!
This weekend I met up with Keith and Andy for an overnighter, they were well established in their swim so I decided on the next peg to be sociable. Not a spot I would ever fish given a choice as I know the weed is at it's most prolific in that bay but there was little else available. We watched the water for a while and fish started rolling all over the place, especially in my intended area, my confidence began to rise. Then a bearded bloke wandered along and started to fish there. I kicked myself for not being quicker out of the blocks.
He did not have a lot of gear with him so I wandered over to see how long he was staying, only a couple of hours came the reply, great I'll have the swim when he goes. Nothing else to do but have a couple of sociable beers with Keith and Andy. The fish continued to roll, all over the place. Curiosity got the better of me and I went for a chat with the chap in 'my?' swim to see how he was getting on. Unbelievable, he said I could cast a couple of rods by his. Wow, I don't think I have met a nicer angler yet! Two feeders went out with my usual chopped worms filling them and we chatted away, I repaid his kindness with cold beer.
The evening rolled by without incident, my new best friend(Daniel) went home and I retired fishless and slightly merry. Keith woke me at 5.00am to tell me the fish were still rolling in front of me and that I was sh*t if I blanked, thanks mate-no pressure then! I was getting twitches, bleeps and line bites aplenty but no proper bites until about 6.30am when the bobbin slowly rose to the rod and stayed there. The fight was dull, a few tail kicks to remind me the fish was on but not a lot else. I concluded that it was either a Bream or a Tench not fighting because it was wrapped in weed then I saw the head of a Bream and it looked big. It played up a bit when it saw the net but it was too late. I shouted to Keith that I had caught a Bream and he replied 'how big?', 'dustbin lid' I said and around he and Andy came. My previous pb was 10lb 10oz and I guessed this was an 'eleven'. Keith hoisted the scales, gave them a shake, then another shake and then yet another, I knew it must be close.
10lb 9oz
An ounce short of my pb but I was still very happy to have another good double. They fight crap but I think they are stunning old creatures.
Later that morning I had another about half the size, a few unhittable twitches and then ran out of time. As the lake started to warm up, the Tench came on the feed and Keith was getting amongst them as I left, I knew he was in for a good session.
Jealously my chair stealing fishing buddy and I went home.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Olympic medal fish and photo finish Tench

I managed to fish two sessions this Bank holiday weekend, firstly a short Saturday morning foray to Willow Farm and secondly an all day visit to Hardwick, Linear chasing big Tench.
Willow farm Silver pool.

Willow Farm: I am still certain it holds a big Silver Bream and my obsession with catching it continues. As per Wednesday night I floatfished small pellets and I caught an excellent mixed bag of Roach, Silver Bream, Tench and ornamentals.

 I was only interested in Silver Bream and therefore I only weighed the biggest, coming in at 10oz. With the Olympics coming soon I put it with it's Gold and Bronze mates to create this pertinent photo.
Bronze, Silver and Gold but no World Record

Hardwick Linear:
I am purposefully late starting my Tench campaign this year, with good reason.  May and June are when they are at their biggest weights and also the recent cold weather has not been conducive to Tench feeding hard. I think this session was evidence of exactly that.
View from my corner of Hardwick
The photo above does not show how cold it was. There was a freezing northerly wind and the temperature did not hit double figures all day. The sun must have had an effect eventually and just as I was beginning to pack away I had a screaming run. The Tench battled very hard, kiting a long way left across the neighbouring swim. I was lucky that the carpers in there had not set up yet so I could play the fish without worrying about catching their lines. They were a couple of big lads! I eventually netted it and whilst it rested in the net I unpacked the unhooking mat and scales etc.
She weighed in at 7lb 14oz. I took a quick self-pic and put her back.
I felt that the water temperature must have risen enough to instigate a feeding spell and should I have stayed I would have been confident of catching more but it was late afternoon and sunday roast was being cooked, next time.
Normally the Tench at this time of year will feed all day but also normally May is a lot warmer. It's going to be a tough campaign trying to get my double this year.
7lb 14oz

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Another pb-but only just!

This evening I had a short two hour session at Willow Farm on the outskirts of Evesham and managed my fourth personal best in six weeks. Not bad going considering I have not fished for over a fortnight. It was a case of only just though as the blog title says, a meagre two ounces over my previous best, well they all count.
I finished the session with a nice mixed bag.
The Bronze Bream weighed 3lb 6oz, the Tench was 3lb 8oz and the PB Silver Bream went 12oz.
I know there are bigger still in this puddle and I am determined to land them. Tonight's successful bait was pellet and I feel that pellet is the key to getting amongst the bigger specimens. We shall see.