Personal Bests

As a (self proclaimed) specimen hunter I strive to catch bigger and different species each year. The nature and variety of fishing is such that we can never be totally satisfied and it's that fact that drives most of us to the waterside. Whether it be to better ourselves or to beat our mates it does not matter, it's what we do. Having said that sometimes it is not solely about size but can be the method used, the venue fished etc. 

Here are my current pb's:

  13lb 4oz


Mirror Carp
  32lb 8oz

Common Carp
  22lb 4oz

  5lb 15oz

  1lb 7oz

  1lb 2oz

  2lb 3oz

  2lb 1oz

  3lb 14oz

  18lb 3oz

  2lb 0oz

  1lb 2oz

Silver Bream
  1lb 2oz

  9lb 13oz

Brown Trout
  3lb 11oz

 10lb 9oz

 11lb 2oz


Bonito                                         10lb
Bluefin Tuna                                8lb
Red Snapper                                 5lb
Grouper                                      35lb
Sailfish                                       80lb
Wels Catfish                             152lb
Tarpon                                       125lb
Blue Shark                                 90lb
Blue Marlin                               45lb
Conger Eel                                30lb
Pollock                                       12lb
Cod                                              8lb
Bass                                        4lb 12oz
Barracuda                                     10lb
Sea Trout                                   1lb 8oz
White Sturgeon                            100lb
Garfish                                       2lb 4oz
Salmon                                        5lb 2oz
Mullet                                        4lb 11oz
Black Tip Shark                          120lb
Wahoo                                         50lb
Amberjack                                    10lb
Mahi Mahi                                     10lb

Blue Shark 90lb

4lb 11oz




3lb 14oz

Salmon 5lb 2oz

Garfish 2lb 4oz 

White Sturgeon 100lb

Brown Trout
This fish was taken on a mayfly on a summers' evening from the majestic River Test. Sadly only part of that is true, it was caught from the Test but it was while Grayling fishing using maggots as bait. Not as romantic but it still put up a cracking fight and I did enjoy catching it.

3lb 11oz Brown Trout

Sometimes a pb can come along when you least expect it, especially if a totally different species was the target. My biggest ever Chub was just that, a Barbel session spent trotting luncheon meat resulted in some of the target species but a particularly pleasing pb Chub that was as fat as butter. It didn't quite make the 'six' but it definitely would do if I was to make it's acquaintance again in the Winter. The Warwickshire Avon showing what a truly diverse river it is for specimen fish.

5lb 15oz Chub -click here

Rainbow Trout
This fish could never be described as wild or native but it is still an achievement to capture these monster Trout. The mecca for big salmonids that is Lechlade fishery was the venue and although these are obviously stocked fish plenty of anglers still come away scratching their heads and with lighter wallets after a blank. I love this venue, it is great fun and exciting just seeing these monsters let alone battling one.

10lb 9oz Rainbow-Click here

Silver Bream
A species that most anglers would capture, call it a skimmer and chuck it in the keepnet with distain not fully realising what they had landed. I accidentally discovered them online, the accidentally discover a local lake with them in the owner of which did not realise what they were either. After only a couple of actually dedicated sessions chasing them i had a pb over a pound. Beatable I am sure when I get the inspiration to try again.

1lb 2oz Silver Bream-Click here to read about the session

Fly-caught Carp

9lb 12oz (fly caught pb)-Click here to read about the session

Tarpon 125lb-Click here to read about the capture

Mangrove Snapper

4lb Barracuda

152lb Catfish-Click here to read about the holiday

1lb 2oz Rudd-Click here to read about the session

Lochnaw castle? river Stour? no the Warwickshire Avon! A tip off in a supermarket car park from a match angler led me to a spot on the local river with potential for big Roach and armed with a loaf of bread I proved it. 

2lb Roach-Click here for full account

Mirror Carp
I will hold my hands up and say that this was another 'accidental' capture in that I was actually targeting Tench but that does not make it any less skillful. An (unnamed!!) thirty from Linear that fell for a worm hook bait and was expertly played on a Barbel rod using eight pound line to a size 16 hook. Good skills!

32lb 8oz Mirror Carp, Hardwick-Click here for full account

Common Carp
Pound for pound one of the best battles I have ever had with a fish, it just would not give in. A dog biscuit was its down fall which it took almost after dark, I could not see the take but struck on instinct as I heard a 'slurp' noise from the vicinity of my bait. A stunning old fish that is also nameless.

22lb 4oz Common Carp, Stubb's Pool (biggest Common and surface caught Carp)
Click here to read about capture

1lb 7oz Crucian Carp, Marsh Farm-Click here for whole trip

2lb 12oz Blue Trout
Click here to read more

18lb 3oz Pike, Warks Avon
Click here for write up

13lb 4oz Barbel, Warks Avon
Click here for full account

10lb 10oz Bream, Hardwick
Click here to read about session

9lb 13oz Tench, St. Johns

11lb 2oz Zander, Warks Avon

2lb 3oz Eel, Coppice

4lb 12oz Bass, Plymouth
Click here for write up
8lb Cod, Exmouth
12lb Pollock, Exmouth
30lb Conger, Plymouth

45lb Marlin, Florida

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