Thursday, 20 August 2015

A Great Result of a Different Kind

Went out for a short session Tuesday night. The fishing was slow landing just one Barbel of about six pounds. I blame the consistently low clear river for the lack of action, who doesn't at the moment?
Was treated to a stunning sunset though that turned the river into molten larva.
Or maybe the moon is all wrong for the fish? if you believe those theories!

Did have a much better result today though. There is an antiquated little book shop in Pershore that always has a selection of Angling titles for sale at reasonable prices. I cannot resist a wee purchase every time I go past but today I bought something a bit special.

The first twelve issues of Creel magazine including the coveted very first edition published in July 1963 in mint condition within its original binder.

The first ever angling magazine to include colour photographs it was founded and originally edited by the one and only Bernard Venables.

It attracted some of the best authors of the era including Richard Walker, BB, Fred Taylor, Reg Righyni and Fred Buller to name but a few. I've had a quick flick through some of the articles and what amazed me was how some things had not really changed in over 50 years of fishing.

And tucked inside the back cover was a selection of paper cuttings, articles from Angling Times in 1964 written by Richard Walker. And what did all this set me back, a meagre £20. Right place right time or what?! I told the chap behind the counter (after I had made the purchase and the bag was firmly stuffed under my arm) that he had sold this to me way too cheap. He told me he was fine with that because he knew I would return soon to relieve him of some more of his stock. Wise old man!

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