Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Barbel, Warks Avon

The river looked in tip top condition, just fining down after a well needed flush through of rain and when I pulled into Barton car park I was not surprised to see it full of cars and vans. As I was there a few hours before dusk I decided to walk the full length of the stretch and have a chat with the anglers there to get a low down on what had been caught and what bait was working well.
I talked to all of them and there was a lot of grunted replies and dry landing nets, a few small Chub and not a Barbus between them. It didn't bode well but I told myself they were all still there to be caught then and renewed my own confidence. Pellet on one rod and Boilie on the other, both dipped in flavour.
Dusk came and went and the river sent me home with my tail between my legs, she is a cruel mistress! I went home to plot my revenge.