Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Mullet Mission Part Two

Last week I saw my first ever Mullet landed (by Phil) and having watched the battle it put up I had an even greater yearning for one of my own so when Andy suggested a four thirty am start I did not baulk at the idea. We headed for the same marina as last week but this time close to the moorings getting there way before the residents were stirring. 
Armed with a mountain of mashed bread it didn't take Andy long to hook into the first fish of the day and the Mullet gave him a right run around, they just don't know when to give up the fight. 

 Finally he had the beating of it and it was a cracking 3lb 12oz specimen. He followed that up with two more smaller fish before his hunger got the better of him and he went off in search of breakfast.

Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth I jumped into his swim and finally landed my first ever Mullett, all eight drams of it!! I held it as close to the camera as possible but it was never going to look anything more than a sprat! I have no idea how it managed to get a size six hook in its mouth but it was lip hooked fair and square.

I missed as many bites as I hooked, if not more but thankfully the fish kept coming and did not get spooked by my amateurish efforts as I added another six to my tally. I was having a great time. None of them huge but it seemed like I was getting the hang of it, finally.

They all battled hard (except the sprat) on the light tackle I was using, float rod and four pound line.
By mid-morning the boat dwellers were tramping and trudging along the floating jetty making lots of noise and we knew that that would put pay to the fishing so jumped in the truck and headed down into deepest Wales.

Our destination was the river Tor or 'Towie' as it is called in Welsh-speak. Nothing to do with the crap tv programme! A picturesque venue with some interesting derelict buildings along it's banks.

The river seemed fairly devoid of fish but aided by polaroids I eventually spotted a pod of large Mullet feeding close to the bank and knew that was the area to concentrate on. Sadly the larger ones avoided the bread hookbait that I trotted in the slow moving margins but I did succeed where my more experienced colleagues failed and landed a 1lb 12oz Mullet. The first of the day that I weighed properly so now I had a new official pb.

No more action followed so the three of us ventured upstream and fished within earshot of the Liberty stadium. The Swans were playing at home and it was amusing to hear the songs and chants coming from the terraces and the roars as the goals went in, Swans 2 Magpies nil.

We managed just the one bite between the three of us. I must be getting the hang of this Mulleting malarkey as again I hooked and landed the only fish, and my pb was broken for the umpteenth time that day, 2lb 2oz.

We tried one more final venue, Swansea marina but my heart wasn't really in it. I was about fished out by early evening so sat it out and took in the sights. Stag do's, Hen parties and footy fans in various different states made for interesting viewing!

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