Monday, 3 August 2015

Sociable Saturday Session

A short Saturday session that was more social than serious, an opportunity for Jeff to catch up with our Tazzy, one of the puppies that was born nearly twelve months ago under his stairs. A daughter to his dog Molly and also a grand daughter to Martin's dog Oscar, quite the family reunion!
Whilst I had decided on a static approach both in terms of swim and method Jeff and Martin roved up and down the river searching out likely looking spots, every now and then dropping back into my swim for a social and to stroke the almost impeccably behaved Tazzy.
Bites were not easy to come by on the clear river and having lost one Barbel to an unseen snag I changed to rolling meat down the swim. Second run through proved successful and I landed an average sized Barbel in mint condition.

With the swim well and truly disturbed I decided to re-employ the legered pellets and sit it out until the fish came back on. About an hour laterI managed to land another well-conditioned Barbel not much bigger than the first.

Martin had come back to join me for a natter when the hat-trick was completed and took some great action shots whilst I played the biggest fish of the day, an unweighed but chunky probable seven pounder.

Come 'ere ya bugger!

Got ya!

The smile says it all, an enjoyable morning spent in good company.


  1. She's a good girl, is Tazzy, and I have to say, better behaved than her mother, who is a dirty, filthy old bitch most days.

    Dirty and filthy old bitch in the spaniel sense of course!

    Martin's getting good at trophy shots, That one is quite a cracker. Fish in focus, angler a little blurred. Just right.

    1. yeah well pleased with both the dog and martin's skills!!

  2. Well I'm glad about that. But don't let on to anyone about my other skills will you. ;)

    1. I promise I won't if I ever work out what they are!