Thursday, 7 July 2011

River Tench Best, Warks Avon

Most of my fishing this year has been for Tench, chasing an elusive double. It was becoming slightly monotonous.  In the last couple of weeks I have enjoyed the fresh challenge of running water and fishing for Barbel and Chub. It has made a pleasant change. However I still cannot escape from the Tench. I caught them while after Silver Bream and tonight on the Avon I landed another. 
Do not misunderstand me though, catching the red teddy bear eyed fish is always an enjoyable experience especially when they put up a tremendous battle like this one did. The whole intention was to land Barbel but I suppose Caster and Hemp could lure any species though.
Believe it or not this fish was a looker. The flash on the photo has managed to blanch out the stunning red belly that this fish had. I should not complain, it was a new pb of sorts (rosettes for everything) but I hope the next few battles are with the target species.


  1. One rod for Zeds, one for a big Barbel then Joe.

    Nice work.

    They're both in there but we could do with some colour eh?

  2. Some colour would certainly help, we keep getting showers but not enough to change the clarity. The weather looks bad today so lets see.

  3. Rosettes indeed! My one and only river tench fought like a barbel thrice the size. I thought it was a barbel even as it slid over the net. I doubt even this rain of late will put much colour in the river though, it just gets sucked up by the dry land - my recent severn session was like fishing in a desert.

  4. It won't make a difference, you're right Jeff, we will just have to get on with the conditions we have got. The fish will still feed but only at night, dawn and dusk. Short sessions the order of the day!