Sea/Shark Fishing

I love sea fishing but living in the Midlands it makes every coastline a proper trek to visit. Despite that I try and do a couple of boat trips a year. The recent trips have all been shark fishing and that will continue as I have a yearning to land a 100 pounder. Possibly after that the variety will return again,  probably moving on to a double figure Bass or a big Cod as the next obsession. All sea fish are worth trying for as they all fight like demons!

8lb Cod Exmouth 

12lb Pollock Plymouth

30lb Conger Plymouth

48lb Tope Brightlingsea

85lb Blue Shark Plymouth

4lb 12 oz Bass Plymouth

40lb Blue Shark Plymouth

50lb Blue Shark

2lb 4oz Garfish

2017 and a new pb, 90lb Blue

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  1. Those are a good catch, Joe! Fishing is such a fun hobby, especially if you’re not too affected by the wait. Nothing is better than finally catching something after having waited a long time. By the way, in your last photo, the Blue Shark eye’s looks like he doesn’t want to be part of the picture. Haha. So hilarious!