In winter 2005 I went on my first ever Pike fishing session. I remember being very wary of the toothy critters at the time and to catch a double on that first trip I was also in awe of this stunning species. At present I have only really fished for them in the Warwickshire Avon where 'twenties' are thin on the ground but that target will be broken one day soon. 

13lb 8oz taken on a Mackeral tail in Steve's bosses' back garden

Also 13lb 8oz

I caught four fish weighing exactly 13lb 8oz until I finally passed that personal milestone with this 14lb 5oz fish taken on a small Roach. My obsession with Zander means that I now only fish with Roach baits because they are likely to be picked up by both species and it hedges my bets.
Boxing day is always spent Piking and this fish was obviously a late Christmas present.
14lb 5oz Boxing day 2008

Like buses a week later another pb came along. This time a 16lb 9oz fish, the only capture on a very cold day, on a Roach in a renown Zander swim.
16lb 9oz 4th January 2009

29th January 2010 15lb 11ozClick here for write up

I landed my current pb on the 12th December 2010 but it nearly was a case of the big one that got away. It managed to swim into a huge fallen tree of a snag but thankfully I got it out and breathed a huge sigh of relief. I had seen the size of it and would have been gutted to have lost it.

18lb 3oz 12th December 2010-click here for write up

Five weeks later a 17lb 7oz.-Write up here


A first ever still water Pike weighing 9lb 12oz.

11lb 2oz

Next stop a twenty............................

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