The Tench was probably the species that got me addicted to specimen angling all those years ago. When I was just 10 years old I caught a four pounder from a local brickyard pond whilst Rudd fishing and the fight has remained ingrained on the memory ever since. They are a stunning fish unlike any other in looks and they give a really good account of themselves when hooked. Also it is possible to catch several in a session which makes for an interesting day on the bank. 

4lb 0oz
             1st  June 1984-the Yorkshire season used to start earlier than the rest of the country
When I started fishing again following my 13 year break it took me a while until I beat my old pb. I was too busy concentrating on Carp and Barbel but I did finally realise the error of my ways.
5lb 10oz     May 13th 2007     Artificial sweetcorn   Apperley pool

A year later and I thrashed that fish with a fluke capture whilst Carp fishing.
8lb 4oz    22nd May 2008    Boilie   St. Johns
Another year on and I beat that fish but this time it was by design. I realised the virtues of the humble worm and this 9lb 13oz fish has been the benchmark I have tried to beat for some time now.
9lb 13oz      17th May 2009     Chopped worm      St. Johns
Since 2009 my Tenching has come on leaps and bounds. Springtime is spent taking multiple captures of fish with loads of 'sevens' and 'eights' and quite a few 'nines' but that elusive double still evades me. 
9lb 3oz

9lb 1oz

8lb 15oz

7lb 12oz

8lb 3oz
9lb 2oz

9lb 1oz

9lb 4oz
9lb 3oz


9lb 6oz
A difficult season for Tench fishing caused by a cold spring, best this year was a 'nine' again...

9lb 8oz

I had high hopes for 2012 but my Tench sessions came and went and I fell short of the target yet again.

2013-Still no double, best an 8lb 13oz.


A good start with an 8lb 8oz specimen.......

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  1. Love the sidebar page links Joe. I'm gonna nick the idea, it's that good. Innovative.

    Oh, and good luck with the double! So many nines... how many do you have to catch before breaking through, eh?