Red Letter Days-Tench

May 31st 2009
I had been fishing the Linear complex in Oxfordshire for a couple of seasons with very little success, until recently. The odd Roach had been landed, a pb Tench of 8lb 4oz taken on a KG1 boilie and two lost Carp were all I had to show for a lot of effort. Then the previous week I had tried using chopped dendroboena worm in a swim feeder and a lobworm on the hook. Not entirely sure how it came about but think I overheard a chap on the far side saying he was having success on it, I gave it a try. The next session casting to the centre of St Johns I landed a 9lb 13oz Tench, a 2lb 2oz Perch and several Roach. In my world worm was the new boilie.
My brother and I had literally hundreds of wrigglers in the car heading down South the following week. The forecast was for a bright sunny day, a real scorcher, temperature in the 30's. I did not feel too confident but we had to have a go. Within minutes we had the first one on the bank: 9lb 1oz.

And all day they just kept coming: 8lb 15oz

9lb 3oz

8lb 2oz

8lb 2oz

7lb 10oz

7lb 11oz

7lb 8oz

I finished with nine Tench for over 70lb, and I lost a few to hook pulls and snagged in the weed, it could have been even more outstanding.

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