Friday, 4 November 2011

Stopped blanking-Just!

After the sound thrashing the Severn has given me over the last three weeks I decided to take a break and have a go on the Avon. I still wanted to nail a good Zander but also I was fearful of another blank so bets were hedged, one rod dead bait and the other Caster. My choice of swim was the familiar Chadbury weir were I have in the past landed Barbel, Zander, Pike, Roach, Dace, Bream, Eel and Perch. I had to catch something. 
All the best laid plans etc. I struggled for hours and the doubts started to creep in, was it me? the bait? the rigs? the conditions? I changed tactics to rolling meat, still no good. I tried pellet, nothing. As a last ditch effort to avoid the blank I fished a Roach sink and draw style. About twenty minutes later I finally nailed a Pike, probably the smallest I have ever caught but there has not been many as welcome. 36 hours fishing for this tiddler!
Next week I'm going to play Golf.


  1. Joe, I know how it feels mate. I have taken a kick in the nads from the fishing gods in recent times... Including ramming a baiting needle and inch into my finger last week to top it off....., what time you teeing off?? Might join you!!

  2. I have caught more fish in the last day and ahalf on the avon and blythe,than I have all year.....mainly the blythe on a free bit that no one bothers with....All the best joe...

    Baz peck

  3. Joe we all go through this and it does make you think about everything you are doing, But i can tell you this, Its Not You, Your tactics have been working and producing fish, Just not what the Pike were wanting at this time of year,
    Hope you enjoyed the break and the game of Golf, That would do you the world of good,
    Now you are in a different frame of mind just watch out for those big Pike taking the bait,
    All the best Joe,