Thursday, 18 August 2011

Blanks, Struggles and Freebies

Avon sunset
All good things must come to an end and my recent run of success did just that. The last two weeks have been a real battle, firstly two blanks and then a couple of sessions with fish caught but not the species or the size that I wanted. Still if it was easy and we always got what we wanted we would not come back for more.
The first session was an evening Barbel foray and the successful tactic of rolling meat finally let me down, two bites, no hook ups therefore no fish.
The following weekend my brother and I headed for linear as confident as ever and we were sent away with our tails between our legs. A bite apiece, mine came off, my brother's hook link failed.
A short evening session chasing Zander. I avoided the blank by landing a pair of Jack Pike, both around the 5lb mark, one of them in the pitch black which is unusual and I was sure was a Zed til I shone the head torch on it. Better result but still not that satisfying.
Today I decided to go for the confidence building session we all need some time so the local commercial chasing Silver Bream was my plan. I still struggled for the first hour as I targeted the margins. Once I realised all the fish were in the middle of the pool I caught and fairly regularly. Despite the torrential down pours I enjoyed the session and ended with a very varied mixed bag.
The only fish I weighed was the biggest Silver Bream which was a new personal best at 10oz! 

One bit of good fortune was the new Land Rover arrived last weekend with a pretty awesome number plate absolutely free. The chap selling it is an angler but did not twig that to the right person it would be worth good money and he just left it on!
 It is pretty unmissable so say hello if you see it on the bank somewhere.


  1. Ah I miss my Defender - best fishing four by four by far. There simply is no amount of fishing gear that cannot be loaded into one or on top if you do exceed the limit! Drive onto remote beaches no problem, tow a boat, sleep in it, or under it...

    Bored with your side of the river? Then with that intake pipe just drive across to the other side! Job done.

    Got to get another one one day. Once a Landy owner always a Landy owner.

  2. Wow you have had some ups and downs Joe, But well done on your new PB,
    And the Landy what a great Plate, Excelent,
    Also you got it in the green and i think this is the only colour for a landrover,
    Great blogging Joe,

  3. Great set of new wheels that Joe, and what a number plate!