Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Chub on the Cheese

The recent drop in temperatures had me reaching into the freezer for some home made cheese paste and I headed off down the Warwickshire Avon in search of some big Chub. My target every Winter is to break the six pound mark (my pb being just short of that). A tall order on the river locally with the majority of the fish weighing three or four pounds and a five being a good fish. I know I could venture further afield to give myself more chance of hitting the target but the satisfaction would not be the same so I'll stay local until I crack it.

I love Winter fishing for the solitude. My only company on the whole stretch was a pair of nearly fully grown cygnets and the now common Kingfisher. Call me a miserable Yorkshireman but I go fishing to get away from people(apart from a few fishy buddies), not to be sociable with strangers.

Miserable Yorkshireman!!
 The fish were finicky but I did manage to land three Chub, all peas in a pod and all weighing virtually the same, just short of the four pound mark. Good sport as always in the conditions.

Still miserable!!
P.S The car is still there!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Marlcliff Moron


There are far too many idiots in this world and sadly fishing has it's fair share. I didn't believe it when Andy told me that someone had driven past the weir at Marlcliff and down to the first peg on the lower meadow but today I saw the evidence with my own eyes. For anyone that doesn't know this stretch of the river there is a car park about two hundred yards upstream for BAA members. There is a lower unofficial car park down by the weir that is not supposed to be used as it is owned by British Waterways but some do. This guy(presuming no woman is this stupid) has driven through that car park across the grass, round the lock arms up a path that is slippy as anything even in summer, around the bend and turned right down to the peg. How he has not ended up in the river I do not know as this is a slippy peg! His car has been there for over a week and I can't see it being shifted for some time to come. 'What an idiot!!'.

Anyway I didn't just go down there to see the car (although a bit of me did!). I had a go at some fishing too. Torrential rain in bursts, gale force winds from storm Barney and a lack of action meant I didn't stay long. For once I think the dog was fed up before me. 

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Windy Mullet Battling

This weekend I managed to get a pass out for a full days fishing. Initially the plan was to fish the river Frome but the gale force winds predicted meant that exposed river fishing was not going to be possible. Instead we decided to head for a bit of Mullet fishing in a (relatively) sheltered marina. The wind was still blowing a hooly but certain spots were just about fishable. I headed straight for the steps to be able to get low to the water meaning I was just able to control a float. Bread flake on the hook and three loaves that had been mullered in the blender to use as ground bait. 

 Two hours of inactivity to begin with before a slight twitch on the float had me alert, poised and ready. Next cast and the float slid under with real ferocity and I connected to a fish. The fight was very different to my previous battles with Mullet. There was no rushing around all over the place but instead powerful surges and deliberate lunges for freedom. I did the usual prayers when connected to a good fish, 'stay on, stay on' I repeated over and over again and when I got my first glimpse my heart rate quickened considerably. With the net dipped in the water it made what I hoped was its last lunge and indeed it was as it swam straight into the net. A stroke of luck but one I was happy to take.

Weighing 4lb 11oz it easily beat my previous pb and after collaring an elderly lady passing by to take the trophy shots, which she didn't do a bad job of,  I phoned my Mullet-mad mate Andy to tell him the good news. He was having a good day himself with six fish landed and our other companion Phil had also caught. They were having it!

 Strangely though as is often the case with fishing all of a sudden they just switched off. All three of us were left scratching our heads as to why but at least I had a little bit more excitement watching a forensic team board the boat opposite. I tried to earwig what they were saying but to no avail. I googled but still have no idea what had occurred.

The wind finally got the better of us mid-afternoon and we beat a hasty retreat back to the Midlands.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Avon Piking

A rare occurrence took place today, the sun came out, accompanied by a slither of blue sky. Albeit brief it was enough to have me scrabbling for the camera to record such a rarity of late. The unusual event took place during a short afternoon Piking session that I treated myself to on the back of a couple of weeks that has seen the new business venture progressing nicely. 
Two rods were deployed, one with a small Roach dead bait along the nearside margin and the other with large sea-baits thrown across river into a fishy looking slack. First off was a smelt that remained untouched for a half hour. I changed it over to a Mackerel tail and within a few minutes I was playing a feisty Jack that fought really well in the strong flow. I eventually won despite much angry head shaking and weighed in an immaculate 6lb 13oz fish. 

I was off and running with my first Pike of the campaign in the not so 'Pikey' conditions. It still feels too autumnal to be chasing these predators but with the alleged global warming being reported this may be as cold as it gets!

Tazzy kept watch for goings on down river while I kicked back and chilled on my easy chair.

The Roach bait remained static all day while the sea baits did the opposite. A couple of missed runs followed until finally I managed to hook the culprit. An even smaller Jack had been playing with the bait (and me!) until finally I managed to nail him. It was only about three pounds so I didn't bother taking weights or pics, just putting him back straight away. It turned out to be the last of the activity for the day apart from my usual messing about with the camera.