Saturday, 13 July 2013

A fish filled friday morning

One of my favourite species is the dainty diminutive Dace. Not a spectacular fish in terms of size but stunning looking, and lightning quick. They are a species that will readily feed at all times of the year and their bites can be frustratingly missable but it doesn't matter when you do because the next opportunity is only moments away.
It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the time for a full day session so an early start was again necessary in order to put in a few hours on the bank and I found myself tramping across the dew soaked fields at 4.30am on my way to a favourite Dace hotspot, Barton weir. I travelled light (for me!), rod, net, rucksack seat, holdall and a bucket filled with four pints of red and white maggots. My intention was to feeder fish, I enjoy trotting for them but the fast pace of the swim means a lot of time spent reeling in and recasting and time is precious at the moment.
I initially piled in hemp and maggots to stir the fish into a feeding frenzy while I set up the rod. The rig is simplicity itself, a paternostered 40g black cap feeder, strong size 16 hook and three pound hooklink (which I upped to 5lb when I lost a substantial fish half way through).

I caught quickly right from the off and landed loads of Dace to 6oz, a few Roach, some lovely looking Perch to about a pound, a bootlace Eel, three Bleak and a couple of Chub. I would have really liked a bigger Dace but fun was had none the less.

I was down to my last few maggots and about to pack away when I struck in to something of a different class. By that time I was using the more substantial hook length but still had to play it carefully to avoid a hook pull. My unseen adversary powered up and down the swim staying out of sight and the beauty of maggot fishing is that you have no idea what is on the other end until it is right at the net. It turned out to be a bruising chunky Chub which weighed in at 5lb 4oz. Only an average fish in some rivers but in the Warwickshire Avon a five is a good fish.

This year has been brilliant for me on the Chub front as this is my third 'five' already. I set off home a tired but contented angler and still had plenty of time in the day to help set everything for my daughters school fete.


  1. I think the chub are growing well Joe. Fives were always easiest to find in the upper reaches amongst a ton of fours, so may you'd become blase about them, but down your way they're getting more and more commonplace nowadays. Not that I've had one yet!

  2. Love the dace fishing too myself. Just discovered a shoal I really rate. Maggots next time all the way, bread bites are just weird!

    1. Definitely a lot more of them now Jeff, maggots the bait for Dace but takes all comers, would love to find a bait that picked out the bigger ones. Is that shoal of yours anywhere near me?