Friday, 26 December 2014

Boxing day Best Behaviour

Boxing day by the river has long been a tradition of mine and this year the only difference was I had company, my Springer Spaniel Tazzy on her first ever fishing session. Her training has been going really really well, I will not lie and say she is the finished article but I have enough control over her to have the confidence to take her to the water side without her being a complete liability. At only four and a bit months old I am impressed with both her intelligence and surprised by my own ability to teach her new commands almost on a daily basis. 
Chub are a favourite of target of mine at this time of the year and I ventured to a familiar stretch armed with a rod, a small amount of terminal tackle and a bag of cheese paste. Tazzy had an explore of the close surroundings before settling to down watch the goings on. 

Her ears pricked at every unusual sound and she was fascinated by the variety of wildlife that passed us by. 

The first bite I connected to dragged me into an unknown snag and the five pound hook link parted easily severing our connection. The next bite resulted in a four pound Chub that was bullied to the net giving it no chance of snagging me up in the same place. I landed one more small Chub before a hook pull saw me lose a final unseen adversary and that put pay to any chance of any more sport. 

Cobwebs blown away with a couple of pleasant hours spent by the water and my fishing partner had behaved almost impeccably, got to be pleased with that! She will definite get another invite next time.

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