Thursday, 1 January 2015

Five Years of Blogging

The time of year when we look back over the previous twelve months and set targets for 2015. Over the next few days there will be a flurry of annual reviews to add to those already posted. Nothing wrong with that we all have egos!
My ego must be bigger than most as having just completed my fifth year blogging I feel like being even more self indulgent than usual and have done a review of all five years. Over 200 posts, over 600 comments and nearly 200,000 page views. Thank you to all that have visited and those that have commented. I just hope you were ever so slightly entertained.
Time flies when you're having fun! When I started this blog journey all that time ago I didn't realise what an addictive and self-motivational tool it would become. I get a lot of enjoyment looking back over past successes (and failures), am amazed at the number of hits and always grateful for any  comments. It has had its uses too in helping me make new fishing buddies and finding old ones too, some that I had not seen for decades. It has also inspired me to improve my photography and learn the finer points of taking pictures.
Over twenty personal bests landed including lots of new species both home and abroad. To venture to new venues and explore new methods. My bucket list is still long, that is the beauty of angling, no matter how many targets are achieved more often than not it creates more.
So here are the highlights of the first five years, I hope there will be many more and I hope you will continue to join me along the way.

Happy NewYear and Tight Lines!!


  1. Fantastic collection of pics there Joe, especially love that Grayling and Roach. I hope 2015 is even better for you.

  2. Good on you Joe that's a sterling effort mate, here's to the next five

  3. Thanks boys, hopefully 2015 and the next five will be as good if not better!!

  4. Thats a right ugly thing on the Canada trip pic, the sturgeon looks good though. Happy new year Joe.

    1. You're a funny guy, Happy New Year to you too!