Friday, 12 December 2014

Chub, Wildlife and Tazzy

Two fishing sessions in the same week, virtually unheard of for me but I had a few days holiday left to use up. It would have been three trips if I had not put my back out yet again. I really suffer with my dodgy 'cilla' and at the moment lying on the floor is the most comfortable place to be. The dogs think it's great fun jumping all over their incapacitated master and my 18 month old daughter joins them in the frivolities too. 
The river is now in its full Winter mode, trees naked of leaves, the reeds and rushes have all but disappeared and the most popular swims have been churned into slippery quagmires. Some wildlife do remain active and give me and my camera great enjoyment including a particularly brave and friendly mallard.......

festive Robins....

and a stunning Buzzard that waited patiently for me to take some shots before it got fed up and showed off the spectacular wing span these apex predators possess.

The fishing was pretty good also and whilst I did not land the six that I am searching for I did get some good sport from some smaller specimens that fell for cheese paste fished on a paternoster rig.

On a different note I was deeply saddened by the news that Jeff had lost his beautiful dog Oscar. I know that it won't fill the gaping hole for you mate but I thought a few pictures of Oscars daughter Tazzy (my new best friend) may raise a half smile. Her training is coming along brilliantly and she is loving the fields behind the house and her walks by the river. You need to see her again soon, I think you'll be pleased.


  1. I too was sad to hear about Oscar and very moved by Jeff's lovely words - thank you for posting the information about Tazzy.

  2. Ah she's beautiful, Joe! The spit of her parents. Soaking wet as a spaniel generally is with the merest sniff of water up their nostrils, and look at those eyes!

    She's gonna be a great dog indeed. Terrible fishing dogs though, springers. Can't take em anywhere near fish without them getting in with em!

    I met another of the pups down the pub Saturday night. A dog called Toby and he was made in his dad's own image. Oscar through and through. He was the runt you might remember? He's a strapping lad now that he gets all the grub to himself. I'm very lucky that I'll be able to meet up with at least half the litter in the future and seeing them is one the best ways for me to fix the best memories of Oscar.

    It'll be a great thing for us to see Tazzy once again. She was rather small when we saw her last. Not so tiny now I see!