Saturday, 14 May 2011

Eel, Coppice Pool

I confess that Eels are not my favourite species but there is something different and therefore exciting about them and I enjoy the idea of setting out trying to catch them. A couple of years ago I landed a 2lber from Coppice pool so I headed there for a short evening reccy session. I had intended on getting some dead baits out the freezer and using them as bait but forgot so two tubs of Lobworms from the fishing shop had to suffice. 
I got there about a half hour before sunset and set up low resistance 'John Sidley' rigs on both rods. A short flick into the margins as close as I dare to over hanging bushes and all was set. Twenty minutes of peace ensued until suddenly both rods set off at speed! Talk about buses! 
I hit the left one and felt nothing so dropped it and struck the right rod and felt resistance. I could not believe it Eel in the net and not even dark yet.
I weighed it at 12oz, took this crap photo and put it back. I am not afraid of an Eely self take trophy shot but this was not big enough to get slimed and smelly for!
I rebaited and chucked back in for what I thought was going to be an easy and busy session but it turned into frustration, typical fishing!
Regular bites and chewed worms but thin air strikes. Most likely a mixture of Eels and silver fish and a lot of food for thought. Back next week for another attempt.

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  1. Rather you than me Joe................. runs a shiver down my spine just thinking about catching snakes LOL