Saturday, 20 December 2014

Commercial Perching

Over indulgence at the work Christmas party scuppered any chance I had of an early start on the bank. In fact it was gone 1pm before I turned into the fishery. This was my first visit to a small commercial that was rumoured to hold some good size Perch and Martin had spent the morning proving their existence. My first task upon arrival was to take a few brace shots for him.

The bigger of the pair weighed a respectable 2lb 8oz.

I set up in the next peg, well actually I was still hanging so persuaded Martin to set up for me! A simple but extremely sensitive lift float rig with a Prawn on the hook always seems to work well and within half an hour I had my own Perch attached, a bit smaller than Martins weighing 1lb 15oz. I was made up to catch the target species so quickly and the hangover became more bearable.

The action wasn't exactly fast and furious but the big guy added another smaller Perch to his collection and a couple of Carp and I landed a Carp of my own. There was an audible 'tut' when I asked my fishing partner to take a photo of it! Don't think he was too impressed.

That was the last of the action for the day unless you count the stunning sunset we were treated to whilst we packed away. A venue that we will definitely revisit as the monster Perch potential is excellent.


  1. You should know baby carp don't count. And not target species to boot as well, double tutt.

    1. It's only you that doesn't count them, I am happy just catching fish especially the way I felt that day!!

  2. You and your medals for everything.