Monday, 29 September 2014

Rain Required

As the driest September in living memory draws to a close anglers across the country are praying for rain. The low water and crystal clear water has led to long term difficult conditions on the nations rivers and for us this weekend was no different. My old school mate Matt ventured all the way down from North Yorkshire in the hope of doing battle with some hard fighting Warwickshire Avon Barbel but they proved extremely elusive.
I took him to some of my favourite haunts, swims that have been productive for me in the past and we tried all sorts of tactics from 'bait and wait' with hemp and maggots, legered pellets and rolling meat but we could not muster a bite between us.

The only saving grace were the Perch. They were extremely active chasing fry in the margins and they weren't fussy either as they snaffled our worm baits. We took several between us to well over a pound whilst trying for the Barbel. A nice distraction but we couldn't help feeling short changed.

By mid-afternoon I think the lack of excitement took it's toll on Matt and having worked hard all day for little reward we called it a day and retired to the pub for liquid refreshment and sustenance. We could probably have snatched a target fish at dusk but the odds were slim.

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  1. Hopefully some rain the weekend Joe, badly needed. As you said, I've never seen it so low and clear.