Friday, 20 July 2012

Pb on the fly

Landing a target fish does not complete the task, it merely creates another target. Having caught a 9lb 12oz Carp on the fly a couple of weeks ago I set myself a double as the next step. Tonight I achieved just that. It wasn't easy mind. My stash of mixers has been running low and I had intended to stock up today but completely forgot. Prior planning and all that! I had a few left so I still went down to Stubb's pool armed with the fly gear.
I decided that the best place to start was the site of my only success but within ten minutes I knew the Carp were either not there or not feeding. The swim was lifeless. I gave it a bit of time to see if the free bait would attract any fish to the area but it did not work. I moved to an enticing spot between to lily beds. Again the freebies were catapulted out but despite that the swim also seemed dead.
Where are you fish?

With the light fading rapidly I thought I would try one more spot. The last of my mixers went out but this time there was fish in the swim and they started to slowly feed. I cast out my deer hair imitation amongst them but no bite was forthcoming. Bloody frustrating.
The light faded almost completely and I could not see the bait but just as I was thinking of accepting the blank the line straightened and it was 'fish on'.
The fight was fun but not spectacular and within no time I had a biggest ever 'Carp on the fly' pb.
10lb 3oz
There was no point in trying for another so off I went to the pub to celebrate.
A target done but now I want a twenty on the fly!

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