Friday, 13 July 2012

Only mad ducks and an Englishman

Despite the terrible inclement weather I ventured down to the Warks Avon for a couple of hours Barbel fishing this evening. I knew I would have the pick of the swims because nobody else would be mad enough to be fishing in the torrential rain we are having, yet again!
Over the last few years I have read many times that Eel numbers are down by 95%, I don't believe that figure.  My bait tonight was ledgered luncheon meat and they were absolutely mullering the bait as soon as it was cast in. First fish an Eel of about a pound. The rod tip was bouncing and twitching all night as the Eels attacked the meat often stripping the bait but not getting hooked.

The next proper bite thankfully was a three foot twitch and after a brilliant fight I landed an 8lb 13oz Barbel. A solid stocky fish that fought like a double but wasn't long enough to weigh that much.
I took two self take photos, I will not take any more than that because it would cause the fish to much stress  but due to the conditions the photos were crap. This was the best of them, not up to my usual standard but it will suffice.
I ended the session with one more smaller Barbel and went to the pub contented that I had had a result when most other anglers would not have bothered trying.

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