Sunday, 22 July 2012

At last some Ruddy sunshine!

At last we had some summer weather forecast and that influenced my decision as to what to fish for. An overgrown lily pad infested pool where I could target the beautiful Rudd. If this pool held Crucians as well it would be the perfect summer venue, sadly it doesn't but it does contain a few hard fighting wild Carp.
This water is not a stocked commercial and it is not over fished. I have been there a few times and at the most there are only ever three or four anglers on there, today was no different. It is never advertised and there are never matches on there. I heard about it through word of mouth and I hope it stays that way.
The pool is full of fish so a blank is never on the cards, the difficult thing is getting to the better specimens. I fished soft pellets on the drop, casting into the slight 'bay' in the lilies that you can see in the photo. The only problem I had was keeping the bait on the hook, by baiting little and often, if the pellet stayed on the hook I would get a bite, usually within three seconds.
I finished the day with a net full, mostly Rudd, a few Roach and I also had Carp (which I did not put in the keepnet). The best fights came from the Carp, I had to play them very carefully on 3lb line in the snaggy water, I landed three and only lost one. None of them were big but they were immaculate, no 'boilie bellies', split fins or mangled mouths.

Wild common Carp
I didn't count the final total but there must have been nearly a hundred fish caught, the pick of the Rudd deserved to be photographed.
 None over a pound but some getting close, a thoroughly enjoyable Summer's day catching stunning fish in beautiful surroundings and no jacket required.


  1. Great looking fish with glorious colour.

  2. Golden, like the weather, at last. We'll all be complaining within the week though!

    Great looking carp that, Joe. Bet they go like rockets

  3. Thanks men, like rockets is right Jeff, especially on light gear, good fun, Carp do not need to be huge if you use a proper rod and not a broom handle.