Saturday, 2 April 2016

A pb-I Think

Another afternoon spent chasing big Perch in a particularly pretty commercial fishery. 

Martin was already ensconced in a fishy looking corner and was catching regularly. Sadly not the target species. It didn't take long for fish to find my prawn hookbaits also and between us we landed a procession of Carp and F1s..........

and Chub to 1lb 12oz.

A few bonus points towards the bloggers challenge but that didn't make them any less a nuisance. I'm not sure I have ever caught stillwater Chub before so maybe I caught a pb (of a fashion) but not one I'm going to shout about. I really dislike Chub and especially Barbel being stocked into commercials, it does not sit right with me. They are river fish and should remain that way.

We fished long and hard but the Perch just did not want to play or weren't allowed to by the other fish. A hazard of fishing over-stocked match puddles! Fun though!


  1. Worth trying some small deadbaits ?

    1. Never really rated deadbaits for Perch, livebaits though are a different matter-if they allow it, which I doubt.