Monday, 29 August 2011

Meaty Eel

I headed down to the Barton stretch of the Avon this morning for a short session chasing Barbel. Started rolling meat down the run and after a biteless couple of hours I changed tactics and ledgered in the fast flow. First cast I missed a bite and second chuck I had the three foot twitch and fish on, sadly it found one of the many snags and I lost it. It felt like a good fish.
The bites started to get twitchy and I suspected Chub but then a short while later I found out the culprits.
The hook was in the corner of it's mouth and so I managed to unhook, weigh and return without touching. At this point I should claim to be respecting them because of diminishing numbers, endangered species, minimal handling etc but I won't. I did not want to be covered in slime and then smelling it for the rest of the week. 
Bonus points for the challenge- 1lb 2oz. That was the only fish landed of the session so no blank and I went home contented.

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  1. Well Joe all i can say is unluck for it not to be a barbel or chub, The strangest thing with Eels is the so called lack of them, Yet everywhere i go people are catching and reporting the catching of Eels, I think this is a very strange thing, Are the Eels coming or going, Who knows but its a good sized Eel to say the least,
    Very well done,