Saturday, 23 April 2016

Hurry Up Spring

For several weeks I have had a yearning to go Carp fishing. Not the three rods and buzzers type of Carp fishing but surface fishing, floater baits, the only style that interests me when it comes to angling for Britain's most popular fish. It all stems from the purchase of some new rig bits that I found on the tinterweb. 
The only problem is that Spring has just not materialised yet. Cold overnight temperatures and chilly Northerly breezes have scuppered any chance of seeing Carp in the surface layers.
Trouble was I still had an itch that needed to be scratched so with a couple of hours to spare I headed down to my favourite local pond to try an satisfy my craving. 
The conditions were poor: overcast, chilly and breezy. I chose the most sheltered part of the lake, feeding plenty of freebies but for over an hour I only saw two fish and they showed no interest in the bait. One was a stunning big Ghostie that I will hopefully see again, preferably in my net!
The lack of action forced a move and I got all the way round to the other end of the lake before seeing any fish, a pair of commons frolicking in the margin. 
I took cover behind bankside vegetation and cast in their vicinity. Within seconds a fish swirled at the bait and then tried again, this time engulfing the bait. My strike met solid resistance and a good battle ensued. A battle I soon won. A strikingly coloured Mirror that had sadly lost a large chunk of its tail. 

My scales were way round at the other side of the water so I guessed the weight at about 12lb and quickly got her back in the water. That was the end of the action but considering the cold I was pleased to get a result. Roll on the better weather.


  1. Lovely Mirror Joe, shame about the Otter damage, hopefully it won't cause it too much difficulty, the stalking weather is approaching, albeit very slowly. Good luck.

  2. If this is where I think it is, have you ever had any problems with the locals?

    1. No, never see anyone there but have heard of a few issues