Sunday, 18 December 2016

Dorset Frome: A long way for Trout

A seven hour round trip to a coastal section of the Dorset Frome that is fast becoming an annual trip. We don't endure this considerable effort to catch Sea Trout but they love trotted maggots and are resident in such abundance it is difficult to avoid them. Within the first couple of hours I landed over thirty. Most around half a pound but a couple were a bit bigger, the largest weighing 1lb 9oz and technically a pb for a species that I never specifically target. It put up quite an acrobatic display of head shaking and leaping clear of the water several times.

I did manage a couple of chunky Dace in amongst the Trout but the monster Roach this stretch is famed for eluded us again.

I moved swims in time to see Andy land a huge Trout of his own, the dark colouration and lack of tail fork makes me think it was a 'Brownie' but Andy is not so sure and thinks it is a spawning male Sea Trout. Answers on a postcard please...
We fished on through dusk before treating ourselves to a KFC on the long trek back to the Midlands. A chat with one of the locals has given me plenty of ideas for tackling next year's trip, a change of tactics is in order to avoid the gregarious Trout and give the big Roach and Dace more chance to find the bait.


  1. Sea trout & brown trout are the same species. There is no difference.
    The only way to tell is if the sea trout is fresh run (silver)once the silver fades, they cannot be told apart. Smolts (young salmon) are different . End of lesson.

    1. What about the different tails and size of mouth?

    2. Trout tails are flat, Salmon concave.
      Trout top lips extend past eye, salmon stop level

    3. salmon also have a wrist to the flesh on the tail, trout not.

  2. That is a familiar scene to me Joe, but never fished it.

    Is the little Italian still there behind Andy and to the left? 'La Trottolina' or some such name?

    The violinist famously lurched into a Christmas song by accident in there one July, 'caused much merriment but I'm still not certain he knew what he'd done!