Sunday, 27 September 2015

Bleak Outlook

I am currently in the process of setting up my own business and add to that three kids, three dogs and various other animals in the menagerie and time is short.
I did however find myself with a couple of spare hours yesterday afternoon. The kids were off swimming so I grabbed the fly rod and headed down to the local river to see if I could get a rise.
The sun shone brightly, the river was crystal clear but there was plenty of fly life, daddy long legs mostly. It seems to be a particularly good year for them this time around. When I walk the dog at day break there is literally swarms of them in the fields.
The river had plenty of fish rising, mostly tiddlers sipping small black gnats off the surface so my best opportunity seemed to be a tiny black spider pattern tied to a size 18.
I caught plenty of fish and missed plenty too, the odd small and I mean small Dace and quite a few Bleak. I was never going to break any records but it was exactly what it was meant to be, a bit of fun in the short bit of time I had available.
Goodness knows when I will have time to wet a line again.

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