Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Test-ing Start

What better way to start the new fishing year than a trip to a premier English Chalk stream namely the river Test. Our anticipation was high as we made the two hour journey into deepest Hampshire fuelled by our memories of a wonderful visit last year jam packed with Grayling and Trout aplenty. Sadly as can often be the case the sequel was not a patch on the original.
On arrival the river looked in prime condition but the heavy overnight rain and its continuation throughout the whole day soon coloured it up and the fishing deteriorated rapidly with the ever increasing loss of water clarity.
Having said that both Martin and I still caught fish, the odd small Grayling and some good conditioned Trout fell to our trotted maggots before lunch.

Now I know they are out of season and there will be a few that think it is a travesty to catch these fish on maggot but I must say I really enjoy it. When the Grayling have not read the script Trout provide thrilling sport on light tackle. They fight hard often leaping clean out the water and as long as they are looked after swim off none the worse for wear.

The only other entertainment on this dull dark day was a friendly little Jenny Wren that flitted around the swim even getting brave enough to land at my feet for a quick feed on the spilled maggots. I have spotted these birds many times before but usually only in fleeting glimpses and never in such close quarters.

A bright point in an otherwise dull day.


  1. Unlucky Joe, it was a horrid day for Grayling fishing and a shame with the effort you put in that you didn't manage to catch at least a half decent one, I will return but only when the river is perfect and conditions dictate quality grayling fishing, again unlucky mate and good to see you and Martin again!


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