Monday, 19 January 2015

Blue Sunday

With only a small window of opportunity this weekend I needed to fish somewhere local. The Avon was still up and coloured so my choice was limited to stillwater and that meant either Perch or Trout. A sharp overnight frost meant the local Perch puddle was likely to be frozen over so I grabbed a fly rod and headed to the Lenches lakes.

Despite the brilliant sunshine more and more ice was forming in the margins as the day wore on but there was still plenty of spots of open water to fish.
The spring fed water was crystal clear making fish spotting simple but I didn't see a single fish the whole day. There was no lack of effort on my part as I tried several different flies and lures from small and dark to large and bright, I varied the retrieve, I fished shallow and deep in several different areas but I could not even muster a half-hearted follow let alone a bite and therefore ended the day a complete blanker.

That aside it was lovely to spend a few hours in the country at this stunning venue and I wasn't too disheartened to go home fishless, I got some pretty pleasing photos as compensation.

The fishing hut has seen better days!!


  1. Some nice photos, always nice to be out despite the difficult conditions

  2. That looks a stunning venue Joe