Friday, 31 May 2013

Back in the game

 Every angler at some point has to endure a lean spell and with three blanks in a row I hope that today was the end of mine. In my opinion it has been the weather's fault, every recent day off has seemed to coincide with a drop in temperature, the fish must be loathing it as much as I am. This week however has seen a steady increase of several degrees and the fish seemed to have responded. Today Carp could be seen cruising the warm upper layers, a shoal of Roach 'pimpled' the surface as they sipped the substantial hatch of flies and occasionally they would scatter as the Pike charged at them. It all made for an interesting sideshow but I had set my sights on landing some big Tench.
I employed my usual tactics of worm and feeder and I started the session with high hopes. I tried to remain optimistic but as the hours ticked by my confidence began to wain. However just after lunchtime a stuttering bite turned into a run and it was fish on. The fight was fairly nondescript until the fish saw the net and then it went ballistic. I could see in the crystal clear water that it was a decent fish which did nothing for my nerves. I reeled it back within range only for it to set off on another run taking my other line with it. Eventually I bundled it into the net and my poor run of results came to an end.

It wasn't a monster at 7lb 6oz but it was most welcome.

She swam off strongly and soon after I added a feisty little male of 4lb 11oz. That was the last of the action for this particular session but hopefully the fish will really get on the feed as they should at this time of year.


  1. handsome fish, that tench.. nice work.

    I'm up to 16 on my streak of blanks/skunking, a new personal record in forty years of fishing hopefully..