Saturday, 20 April 2013

Spring has Sprung-at last

Finally spring has landed (Meadow Buttercup)
 It has become a tradition of mine (or maybe an addiction) that the first day of sunshine and warmth that we get I go fishing for Rudd. They are so synonymous with warm summer days it is hard not to. There is a small overgrown lake local to me that is full of them. I don't believe there are any monsters in there but every visit I hope to cross paths with a two pounder. So far I haven't come close, 1lb 2oz is my best. Action is guaranteed and after a long tough Winter it is nice to get bites and lots of them.
Tactics were simple, two rods, the main one baited with pellets under a waggler and the secondary one baited with a Prawn in case there were some Perch on the prowl along the margins.
No point in plumbing the depth and scaring fish with a lump of lead, I would be fishing the pellet on the drop so started at about three foot and kept it at that depth all day. I have experimented with maggot at this venue but have been plagued by 1-2oz fry, the pellet catches bigger fish.
I caught right from the off and continued to for the whole of the day. Mostly Rudd but occasionally Roach if the bait got missed on the drop and found it's way to the full depth that the rig would allow. A pattern emerged, if the bait was taken in the first 30 seconds it was a Rudd, if it took longer a Roach would have it. They were definitely swimming around at different depths.
After about an hour of catching I struck into something very different. This fish actually took line. It didn't take long for me to realise it was a Carp and not my dream Rudd but I still enjoyed a brilliant battle on a light outfit. Eventually a spirited immaculate Common of about four pounds lay in the folds of the landing net.

I carried on catching more Rudd and Roach plus a couple of heavily pregnant Perch before a screaming run on the Prawn broke the rhythm. Another cracking battle ensued and with only four pound hook link and a size 12 hook I had to be cautious but in the end I won. My prize was another immaculate Common. This one was certainly much bigger but I did not feel the need to weigh it. Today was about fun not weights (unless it was a pb shaker!)

That was it for Carpy interventions but I fished on catching plenty more Roach and Rudd but nothing greater than about a pound. I ended up with well over fifty fish for the day and made the best ones pose for a (quick) photo in the sun.

I set off home a happy and contented angler.

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  1. Nice fishing Joe, some lovely Rudd there. Not enough venues contain them. Feel free to let me know where that is :)