Monday, 27 August 2012

Where is everybody?

Amazing, bank holiday Monday and I had the whole river to myself, either the weather had put everyone off or they were at the angling festival in Evesham. Every year I wander down there and every year I am disappointed, the same stalls selling the same crap as the previous year. I know where I'd rather be.
The river looked perfect, a couple of inches above recent levels and with a lovely tinge of colour. I was trying a different stretch from normal that looked good for a fish or two. I started in the fast water below the weir, trotting meat down a lovely long glide as far as I could see. Nothing was forthcoming but twice in as many minutes there was a big splash from a fish above the weir. I had no choice but to give that swim a try.
I also changed tactic to a static leger approach and within an hour I had a Barbel on the bank.
This must have been the culprit of the splashing because there was no sign of anything after that.
As a last roll of the dice I dropped well downstream to a slow deeper section and although this also was quiet I did land a 5lb 7oz Bream which put up a fairly decent fight-for a Bream.
On the way home I stopped off to have a look at another popular section of the Avon and that was deserted too, not everybody could be at the festival, surely?


  1. I for one was entertaining the kids at Coombe Abbey :)

    Back to fishing the Avon tomorrow though.

  2. I did my bailiff rounds earlier and on 2 miles of river and 4 different pools i only came across half a dozen anglers, very quiet indeed!

  3. Same here, walked three stretches of the Soar and saw 3 fishing, no one on the canal, it's been the same all summer

  4. Two of the most popular stretches on the Avon, conditions perfect and not a sole in sight. Everyone must be out catching mangle mouthed Carp from muddy puddles, unbelieveable!