Friday, 17 August 2012

Big Bad Bruce the Blanker

My Aussie neighbour has set off back down under but we managed a short evening session before he went to try to get him a 'Pommie' fish on the bank. This time I took him Barbel fishing, sitting in one swim, blowing the froth off a couple of 'tinnies' was much more relaxing than the previous session of lure hiking. We put two rods out, both baited up with luncheon meat over a bed of hemp, Bruce would take the left one, I the right.
The right side rod was inevitably the first one to go and I played in a 7lb 8oz Barbel.

We were happy to just get a fish on the bank so from then on the big Aussie would have both rods. As the light faded we got another bite, and Bruce was away. The fish made an unstoppable run downstream and then with Bruce applying steady pressure it started to come back towards us. It was clear it was a good fish, we could see nothing in the darkness but the fight was deliberate and tough, signs of a biggie. It was looking like Bruce was getting the upper hand when disaster struck, the fish kited across into a weed bed and became stuck solid. Steady pressure wouldn't shift it so we tried the slack line approach, nothing worked. After 10 minutes we gave it too much pressure and heard the sickening crack as the line went.
Within seconds of recasting one of the rods did a three foot twitch and Bruce was in again. This time there was no way it was getting to the reeds. Bruce piled on the pressure but sadly a bit too much pressure and the line snapped. There was time for one last bite but it was missed, the hook did not penetrate due to a snail masking the point. It was not his night and Bruce was sent home an unlucky blanker. There is always next time!

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