Saturday, 4 August 2012

New lure- instant success

I spent Wednesday evening down by the river playing with some new toys that I have recently acquired, some big Pike flies.....
and some fancy new plugs......
These are pretty impressive pieces of kit. They were probably designed with Bass in mind and I am itching to cast them into the sea. Three ball bearings rattle in the 'belly' and you can just about see the red oil that rocks around the inner chamber looking blood-like! They have a lovely action and fish just below the surface on the retrieve.
I cast it out downstream and mid river and as I started to turn the reel handle it got nailed.
A Jack had taken an instant liking to the lure. Not a monster but I was pleased. I fished on for about an hour, exploring this quiet stretch of river, had one more attack on the lure but the Pike missed it before the heavens opened yet again and I decided to retire to the pub.
I am bored of this weather now!!

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  1. like it joe, I have a fly kit as well but never been good at fluff chuckin! that lure looks great.. make and model please.