Friday, 13 May 2016

Fun with Floaters

The bases were loaded and the Carp obliging. A few hours spare in the evening so I loaded the van with dog biscuits and headed to the local puddle looking for a bit of action. The lake was empty of anglers so I catapulted bait into several likely looking areas to work out where the fish were hiding. The lily pads soon sprung into life as hungry Carp pushed their way through on the way to a free meal. The competition was enough to risk a cast and within minutes one slipped up and fell for the biscuit with a hook dangling just below.
The close proximity of snags forced me to play the fish fast and hard. Thankfully  the tackle was strong enough for the task and the hook held firm so I could net a good looking Common weighing 15lb 2oz.

I do so enjoy floater fishing. Three others fell for the tactic over the next couple of hours.

All Commons but the first fish was the biggest. An extremely pleasant way to spend an all too rare evening by the waterside.

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  1. I never get round to floater fishing, think I should. Haven't the time or inclination for bivvies anymore so my best chance to get a mud pig these days, an evening well spent it seems.