Sunday, 7 June 2015

Some Commercial Activity

It is never easy choosing where to go after a great foreign fishing trip and even more difficult at this time of year. It feels like that awkward in between stage, waiting for the rivers to open and a lot of fish in the lakes are in spawning mode. A local commercial was my venue of choice as I knew the fishing wouldn't be amazing anywhere but at least here I would get a few bites.
The Carp were crashing in the margins all day and obviously had their minds on things other than feeding as I only landed two small ones all day. However a few Rudd and Roach obliged along with the annoying little Perch.

However I had the most success with Bream.

Several landed throughout the day up to a biggest of 4lb 10oz, some were spawn-laden females.....

and in amongst them a few spiky males covered in tubercles.

In between bites the bird-life amused me, swifts taking insects off the surface

and a female swan that was desperately trying to ward off the attention of an amorous male.

Nice to be out in the sunshine but I am itching for the rivers to open.

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