Sunday, 17 May 2015

Fish-Filled Fun but Frustrating.

Commercial Fisheries, I am not their biggest fan, too sterile and manufactured for my liking but they can be a bit of fun as a change of scenery. My intention was to target the big Roach that grow to over two pounds in the immaculately presented Lemington Lakes Abbey pool. The attack was two pronged, a delicate float fished about a rod length out feeding chopped worm and caster with a small section of worm as bait and a 'sleeper' rod again with chopped worm in a swimfeeder cast along the margins.
First two fish landed were both Roach and I thought I'd cracked it but then came a problem, stunted Perch, bloody hundreds of them. I couldn't keep the baits in the water long enough to catch anything else. Time for a rethink. The feeder was chucked out towards the deeper water and I stopped feeding worm to the float and changed the hook bait to caster. It seemed to work.
I still caught the occasional Perch but the average size increased and also everything else had a chance to snaffle the baits.
Every time the float went under or the alarms beeped I hoped for a big Roach. I have never experienced so much disappointment in one single day as I landed loads of Carp to 10lb 9oz......

Roach to a respectable 1lb 3oz but no biggie........

Bream to 4lb 8oz and a 1lb 9oz hybrid.....

Perch to 15oz and Rudd to 12 ounces.

A fish filled fun but frustrating day.

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  1. Joe,

    As they say, a fish is a fish, is a fish? At least you caught!