Friday, 7 February 2014

Blue Sky Blank

A beautiful Winter's day finally, great for photos but rubbish for fishing, well it was for me anyway. I recently invested in some filters for my camera and have also taught myself how to take photos not on auto mode. Highly confusing at first, ISOs, f-numbers, shutter speed, aperture etc but I think I am getting there slowly. Pretty pleased with today's results.

I spent the day at Lechlade Trout fishery, would have loved to have been back on the river but the rain is still incessant, great to see some sunshine but it won't last. 

I tried all sorts of flies, varied the retrieve and depth and cast into lots of different areas but I could not muster a single take. I am not complaining though it was just lovely to be out in the countryside and a ride out though the Cotswolds is always a pleasure. 

Burford(above) and Broadway Tower(below), a couple of jewels of the Cotswolds.


  1. Lovely Joe, still trying to get my head round mine.

    1. Keep going Russell, it just suddenly clicks in to place