Friday, 24 January 2014

Found: One Raft

The river level had been falling all week but it was still two foot higher than normal when I arrived for a short session today. Recent frosts and cold nights had put paid to any chance of old Barbus showing up so the target had to be Chub. In the coffee coloured water the fish would need their sense of smell to find any food therefore bait had to be malodorous cheese paste.
In the above swim the main strength of flow comes across from right to left along the far bank. The boat channel and therefore deeper water is along the left hand side. I figured the fish would be there taking it easy under the left hand willow and I was not wrong.
A few lumps of paste were chucked in to arouse the fishes senses whilst I set up. I bait sparingly with cheese, it is very filling and I don't want the fish full before they find my bait!
First cast resulted in a tentative twitch but when I struck there was that magic tail kick and fish on. The battle was easily won and I slipped the net under a 4lb 5oz Chub. A good start.
Two more smaller fish followed in quick succession before I decided to go for a wander.
It was probably a mistake as I blanked in the next three swims and so I then went back to the original spot but I failed there too. Perhaps an opportunity missed or maybe not, will never know!
By the way has anyone lost a raft??

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  1. Seeing the colour & height of the river has made my mind up, Perch fishing tomorrow on a stillwater.
    Glad the rain held off for you. Well done on the chub front mate.