Saturday, 28 December 2013

Boxing Day Blank

The run up to Christmas has been particularly busy this year and has prevented me from wetting a line for quite some weeks.
However it has long been a tradition of mine to fish Boxing Day, although I cannot it recall it ever being a successful session and this year was no different.
I have been watching the river levels online and the Avon had dropped about two foot, looked good on the screen but when I arrived my heart sank at the muddy, still raging torrent before me.

Chub had to be my only chance of a fish and I dropped a lump of smelly cheese paste into a slack area  between two(now submerged) trees.

A biteless hour followed and when I got bored of messing about with the camera and I lost all terminal tackle, snapped off by an unseen snag I decided enough was enough. Still it was nice to be out in the Winter sunshine and to give it a go.

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